SEVERE CLEAR – The First 3 Minutes

SEVERE CLEAR selected to make its Oscar Qualifying run at the 2009 Docuweeks Theatrical Showcase   SEVERE CLEAR to screen at New York City’s IFC Center and Hollywood’s Arclight Cinema in August as part of DocuWeeks 2009.  Buy Tickets Now

SEVERE CLEAR is based on the memoir by First Lieutenant Mike Scotti as well as video footage shot by him and other members of 1st Battalion, 4th Marines on the outset of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Through their cameras we see the raw sounds of war, capturing the harrowing three hundred mile charge to Baghdad through hostile enemy territory. The footage used to create SEVERE CLEAR was never shot for the purpose of making a movie. In this digital age of embedded reporters, the film truly strips the barriers between audience and soldier, personalizing the fear, moral conundrum and adrenaline rush of life on the battlefield. SEVERE CLEAR offers an unflinching look at the uncertainty, disorder and chaos of war from the remarkable perspective of one Marine.

From the Producers of THE INSIDE REEL


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