CES 2010 Industry Reflection – Commentary

As a matter of introspection, the 2010 CES Show illustrated innovative concepts in entertainment formats and in technologies.  While new 3D displays and improvements to the 2009 introduction of the 3D concept in home entertainment were highlighted, the purveyance of their possibilities continues to be an evolving method.

In terms of specific outlays, Samsung and its progression into 3D content was very thorough optimized by its interaction with major distribution possibilities (most specifically with Dreamworks’ “Monsters Vs. Aliens”).  The contemplation of subsequent movie studios and companies supplying BD formatted 3D material and commitment to future projects using this format speaks to the next intention of the technology which will spark more revenue streams.

Another specific transmutation of the ideas expressed came through within the Master Seminar perspective which will continue next year. The reality of the new pipelines allows for a two-way format of the digital transmission to home which has yet to be optimized. With a heightened consideration of interaction on the consumer’s mind, this next step, considering the impact of social networking, will provide new food for thought.

By Michael Wassberg



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