TCA Summer Press Tour Studio Day: CBS Panel On Twitter

Inside Reel’s Tim Wassberg attended a panel of CBS stars discussing their thoughts and opinions on Twitter at the Television Critics Association Studio Day this afternoon. Here’s what some of the panelists had to say:

L.L. Cool J (“NCIS”):

“I would think having social media is akin to having radar and sonar.  You see 
what is coming. You see the trends, You see what is on the  horizon. It gives 
you the ability if you pay attention to adapt to what  is going on in the 

Pauley Perrette (“NCIS”):

“I have “Don’t drink and write on my computer”…and I definitely don’t drink 
and tweet. As a celebrity, when you are in the public eye, it is dehumanizing. 
Social media has given us the power back. Anything I read, I can put the real 
information out. You can combat lies about yourself. That specifically takes the 
fear out of the fodder.”

Jeff Probst (“Survivor”):

“Twitter allowed me to be back in control of what I say and not go through a 
publicist or network. We’re doing a casting twist that was done by an informal 
twitter poll. The response was so fast and so clear to what they [the fans] 
like. It is a direct impact to how we are producing the show.”

Chloe Sladden (Director Of Content & Programming at Twitter):

“There is alot of open innovation. it is a night and day shift from two years 

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