TCA Summer Press Tour Studio Day: “The Simpsons” At Film Roman

Inside Reel stopped by Film Roman Productions yesterday as part of the Television Critics Association Studio Day. We snapped some exclusive photos of animators and storyboards at Film Roman’s headquarters in Burbank. We also attended a talk from Showrunner and Executive Producer of The Simpsons Al Jean who gave us some insights into the writing process for the show (now approaching its 23rd season). He told us what creator Matt Groening felt was the difference between The Simpsons and his newly-revived cult-phenomenon Futurama, and gave us a hush-hush sneak peak at what would happen on the show’s 500th episode coming up this season. Check out the quotes and pictures below.

Al Jean [The Simpsons]:

“We are a show that is written for adults that kids like.  The hardest thing is not to repeat.”

“I always think about how the shows will play in 5 or 10 years. Matt [Groening] always says that ‘The Simpsons’ is a cartoon but ‘Futurama’ is real.”

“There is a big town meeting we’re doing for the 500th episode (airing in Feb 2012) where Springfield plans to get rid of the Simpsons.”

Homer Being Drawn

An animator at Film Roman works on Homer Simpson

Animation on The Simpsons

Animator works on Simpsons character

Homer Simpson Storyboard

Storyboard art of Homer Simpson

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