IR Film Review: TOMORROWLAND [Disney]

tomorrowlandIf George Clooney signs onto a picture, it is with good reason. “Tomorrowland” has all the possibilities of a intrinsic original film and has throwbacks to Disney films of the late 70s such as “Cat From Outer Space”, the “Witch Mountain” films and even “Tron”. It works but it seems it was not the right time. Writing this shortly after opening weekend, there is nothing glaringly wrong with the film. In fact, much of the acting is very good and that has a lot to do with Clooney. The plot is not infinitely complicated but it does involve an android recruiter that has been operating to bring the best minds and thinkers to Tomorrowland. But, like the aging time capsule of Epcot, which has become more nostalgia than cutting edge, “Tomorrowland” in the film promises more what it shows in the trailer and not necessarily in its true self. The bad guys come off more as “Briscoe County Jr”. You can’t be too hard nosed with the concept but Brad BIrd was trying to find that balance between entertainment and edginess. “Pirates” found it, stumbled a bit and nearly lost it but never lost its audience because Captain Jack always brought them back. There is no such characterization in this. What is impressive is watching a 12-year-old girl scolding Clooney because her character is older than him…and it works. Same thing happens again at a crucial point at the end of the film. And it works. The film is not badly structured. Damon LIndelof did an adequate job…but it didn’t capture the zeitgeist. You coukd tell Disney had decent plans for this and you could see a sequel being formulated in the final moments of the film. It is an original world. Just disheartening though to see a lot of great design work and world building lost because of sequel mania. But some things aren’t meant to be. I just hope this doesn’t prevent places like DIsney from taking chances. Marvel and Star Wars are great but they are based on a formula. Ideas, at times, still need to run rampant.


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