IR Interview: Rebecca Romijn & Christian Kane For “The Librarians” [TNT-S2]


5 thoughts on “IR Interview: Rebecca Romijn & Christian Kane For “The Librarians” [TNT-S2]

  1. Have watched each and every episode of The Librarians and loving each one.. Season 2 is even better than the first. Jake Stone is my favorite character but not surprising since i am #ProudToBeAKaniac . He just rocks his role!! Hoping for many more seasons to come!

  2. Great interview! This is my favorite TV show and I love that I can watch it with my 12-year-old son. He had to write a persuasive essay for school recently and he wrote about why everyone should watch The Librarians. :o) I’ve really enjoyed watching all the characters develop this season but especially Christian Kane’s character Jake Stone.

  3. Best interview the pair did that day. Good questions and good clips. Love the show both S1 and S2. It’s been great to see Christian Kane’s character, Jake Stone, get tougher and become a better fighter.

  4. Man That was an awesome interview..great coverage with the questions..I loved Season 1 and Season 2 is breaking my expectations..I can’t wait for the new episode each week..and trust me when I say when these seasons are released on DVD I am there with money in hand to purchase and watch and rewatch over and over again..I loved the movies and Noah Wyley..But these actors are brilliant..Christian Kane with his humour so like Noah and Rebecca Romlin with her portrayal of a so loveable and tough guardian..her dialogue is brilliant, John Harlin Kym as the cheeky and so arrogant Aussie (my Countryman) and Lindy Booth and her smarts and her wardrobe is brilliant..John Larroquette who is a Master!! Dean Devlin, his team of writers and TNT Rock!! why? #BecauseMagic

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