IR TV Review: PICARD – EPISODE 2 (“Maps & Legends”) [CBS All Access]

The essence of action is based on the motivation of the beholder. Within the continuing idea of “Picard”, the idea is what protest and the tenet of inaction as a form of progression become in the face of both genocide and politics. The series here integrates some of the more dynamic elements of The Next Generation including one of its episodes “Conspiracy”. While the progressive mythology of what is being shown here is much more dense, the tendency of ego is a very real presence. The way Stewart embodies this vision of Picard is not with regret but interestingly enough in a reflexive way one of self importance. While this was true in TNG, it came with the essence of him being the lead point on the flagship. The idea of the frustration is what propels him forward. And like the Shakespeare that Stewart loves so much, it is that ID that motivates him back into the realm that is most dangerous.

The second episode continues to progress out the idea of characters slowly, allowing the audience to become more comfortable with them. Yet on the periphery is some interesting cameos that hark back to certain times in Picard’s career. The parallel story with an aspect of Data’s past is being nicely contemplated without giving away too much. The action is not requiring the audience to dwell on it but it is the existential nature that has very interesting relevance. It won’t be a surprise but obviously an interesting irony when and if Q shows up. Because this texture along with the fact that the Borg relevance is already marked in the DNA here gives Picard a reason for being, even though the chorus around him, especially with his Romulan handlers in his house are warning him of the impending situation that he teeters on. The episode ends with a degree of human and lightness that shows that while the series is dealing with serious issues, there has to be the breath of humanity, that which Data always wanted.


By Tim Wassberg

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