IR TV Review: STAR WARS – CLONE WARS – FINAL SEASON – EPISODE 3 (“On the Wings of Keeradaks”) [Disney+]

The progression of “The Clone Wars” in the addendum that Dave Filoni has created is starting to dovetail a little bit into what is creating a bigger superstructure of where “Revenge Of The Sith” actually ends up. The initial structure of “The Bad Batch” was seemingly working on the reflective ground of earlier material which is interesting considering the recent backlash against “The Rise Of Skywalker” as far as retreading over what some might call common ground. With Episode 3, “On The Wings Of Keeradaks” the essence of what be called the Judas complex within the story line gets different but one might very well understand the nature of what is happening but also how the humanity of the clones, specifically Rex, could have been the undoing of the Republic. It is a long scale game that only someone with the foresight of The Emperor could understand but the fact that The Clone Wars is thinking along those lines makes it feel more like Rebels at times because of impact.

While much of the episode takes place inside the complex and has its share of humor, when it makes its way outside there is more a sense of scale especially in one crossing sequence, which has some odes to Cloud City in a way from “Empire Strikes Back”. It makes the clones even more human in a way and reaffirms a theme of faith per se which might have been missing from earlier seasons of “Clone Wars”. The key aspect that moves towards the end of the episode is how rules of war change but the hardest aspect to see is sometimes the darkness within which is a continual theme of the “Star Wars” universe that will never change.


By Tim Wassberg

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