IR TV Review: STAR WARS – THE CLONE WARS – FINAL SEASON – EPISODE 11 (“Shattered”) [Lucasfilm/Disney+]

The texture of the end of “The Clone Wars”  is extremely menacing and it should be in the essence of what it shows. This essence and, as an addendum, makes what happens in “Revenge Of The Sith” even more tragic. David Filoni, his directors and even composer Kevin Kiner understands this. These last few episodes are darker and more textured than anything that came before it. The original series was one of strategy and journey. These episodes are about loss and choice. Ahsoka Tano is the focus of it. Without giving too much away in this episode, it starts to bring together the strands that led to later perceptions. The use of one line from “Rogue One” at a certain point means so much in the context of everything. However it makes what is shown undeniable. As much as “The Rise Of Skywalker” wanted to be that moment, there has to be a loss which is felt and stakes where something is primarily so encompassing that it cannot be fixed.

The actions that happen at the end of “Revenge Of The Sith” are just that. But like the previous episode [Ep 10], seeing it from another perspective, specifically the person closer to Anakin than anyone, maybe save for Padme, is undeniable but also heartbreaking. There are crucial points in this episode where small choices are made, specifically by Tano, that are seen as necessary but have repercussions but couldn’t have been done any other way. This comes back in balance to the will of The Force. Tano’s training and Anakin’s teachings have allowed her to be this way, problem solve and think outside of the box. However, and it is not her possibility but ego gets in the way. The revelation is that you see how this affects Maul but it doesn’t take away from his base nature as it doesn’t take away from Tano’s. One progression of the scenes is so filled with dread because of the tone and specifically the music that it takes on a whole different connotation in the Star Wars Universe, a darker one we rarely see. The music is so undeniably changed. The reality is that this doesn’t end well not overly playing the melodrama, Filoni and his team keep it tight and add in Easter Eggs that are both relevant to fans but effective in general as a story. There are odes to “Rebels” but also visions of what is to come without actually showing it which is always tricky in animation. These episodes are getting more and more crucial and the vision is razor sharp. The wrap up episode comes next and sets the next interlocking puzzle piece of what is to come.


By Tim Wassberg

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