IR TV Review: JJ VILLARD’S FAIRY TALES – EPISODE 1 (“Boypunzel”) [Adult Swim]

“JJ Villard’s Fairy Tales”, like many of Adult Swim’s late night offerings, has a degree of stream of consciousness and lurid obsessive trajectory while balanced with a bamboozled perception of the world. In this case it is fairy tales moved to the infinite degree of taste to find where the images can progress to on the realm of good taste per se. The first episode “Boypunzel” of course angles on the Rapunzel myth but with an Exorcist vibe. The beginnings are based in a Misery/Exorcist connotation but then thrown into a Children Of The Corn motif. The calming of the demon is through simple vegetables which a paranormal twist which helps with the creation of a child with the sadly unfocused parents. But said raspions are only in exchange for a first born (the child) who becomes Boypunzel. The child is then locked in a tower until a young disabled girl shows up to show him the light. The light is not all it is cracked up to be and is just a parallax on perception. The images can be lurid, especially the essence of blackheads, which don’t bear repeating here. Even “The Naked Gun” style carousing through parks and cemeteries with Boypunzel and his girlfriend has that ode as does obvious “Shining” score cues that really don’t come to bear.


By Tim Wassberg

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