IR TV Review: PENNY DREADFUL – CITY OF ANGELS – EPISODE 9 (“Sing Sing Sing”) [Showtime]

The aspect of acceptance and continuing are a blend on the idea of what can be and what is inevitable. Does the texture of possibility allow for fate to be changed or is it simply the human endeavor. Is it the crux of fate or whether life turns out the way it is supposed to be or where life sets itself. With Episode 10 of Penny dreadful City Of Angels entitled “Sing Sing Sing,” it is about this collision of life converting on a single place. In this episode without giving too much away, it is The Crimson Cat which was the pinnacle of energy in the series as the focal point. It is the swing music club in the heart of Chicano territory Like The Gym in “West Side Story”, it is the place where one sees all the colors flying through but the emotions played in one structure. While the flow is not as vivacious as that earlier episode, the character work that is done in one specific scene is undeniable. Without giving too much away, it revolves around to identity and family and how that changes over time. This dynamic is very rich but there is always strife right behind it. The secondary stories in the episode are still chumming along but the aspect of acceptance in the reverse is a double edged sword (which is what is playing out on the flip side). This is true, without giving anything away in the inter-cutting because of the kettle that is brewing.

But what is interesting is that there is a moment’s hesitation from one of the key characters, a slip in the fabric. The aspect of coincidence as it builds to The Crimson is undeniable. While it works well, there is a slight bit of magic missing from that earlier episode, a sense of the cinematic. but the characters were in different places. Forgiveness and acceptance are the backbones here now and what can be believed. Faith and a sense of duty is an interesting conundrum for the Vega family. As much as the Goddess Of Darkness wants to pull them apart, there is a sense of decency to them. The problem is that too much pressure leads to an spark point which this episode does have. One very nice coda plays in a small scene of one of the titans of LA. His perspective gives a voice to the actuality of what is going on, supernatural or not. Progress , good or bad, is inevitable…and whoever wins is dependent on a sense of worth and will.


By Tim Wassberg

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