About The Inside Reel

The Inside Reel is an award winning nationally broadcast television program and website which covers the film and television industry. Featuring celebrity interviews, behind the scenes segments, industry commentary, and film festival coverage. Broadcast on both cable and closed-circuit to over 100 college campuses on SirkTV (formerly Zilo Networks), the show is now in its 10th season and reaches over 5 million viewers.

Inside Reel Specials have also been broadcast on PBS New York and Los Angeles. Marilyn Moss of The Hollywood Reporter called The Inside Reel: Digital Filmmaking special “a must see for anyone who loves movies.” The program has been sponsored by Fujifilm USA for over 7 years and other advertisers have included Paramount Home Video and HBO. The Inside Reel archive has over 4000 interviews with actors, producers and directors.

The show is produced by New York City based production company Sirk Productions. Since 1997 Sirk Productions has been dedicated to producing original feature films and television programming. From award winning feature documentaries (Anytown, USA and Severe Clear) to The Inside Reel, Sirk’s mission is to produce content that is inspiring, thought provoking and entertaining.

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