IR TV Review: THE BLACKLIST – 150TH EPISODE (Episode 17 – “Roy Cain”) [NBC-S7]

The essence of mortality creates the approach for a sense of reality within the 150th episode of “The Blacklist” entitled “Roy Cain”. The reality of the episode stokes in the angle of Reddington (Jame Spader) looking to close in corners in order to get a fuller view of his future and his organization beyond his purview. Granted there is always something moving up his sleeve. The balance that works within this episode is the pedigree to a point of actors. Fisher Stevens as Reddington’s former lawyer is a nice balance and, of course, reference is made to his earlier roles. The actual underlying narrative only serves to prop up the bigger game which is more diametric which is a Godfather structure but with two sides pulling the prey back and forth. Reddington simply wants to put his own righteousness in play. An underlying point is that he plays the game but sometimes has to get his hands dirty still. The angle that worms its way into the evolution of his character here is that of faith versus fate which takes a front seat with an iman. However the underlying power play still, beyond the obvious family connection, is a little unclear. The fire is stoked but like all good series, the reveal reflects in the inevitable.


By Tim Wassberg