IR Interview: Lana Parrilla For “Once Upon A Time” [ABC-S7]


Miami Medical – CBS – Advance TV Review

The aspect of a Jerry Bruckheimer procedural is based in its element of intelligence and slickness of vision. Returning to the area which has served him well in the guise of “CSI: Miami” as well as the earlier “Bad Boys”, the medical genre gives it a different angle in the poise of “Miami Medical”. While many medical shows place themselves in the jumping possibilities of its doctors, this show feels a little bit more raw in its perspective, especially in relation to its surgery scenes. It is intensive without being too gory or overwhelming. This is balance by the sheer will of three specific characters.

The first balance perceived is between Lana Parrilla and Mike Vogel. Parrilla was exceptional in “Swingtown” on ABC while Vogel’s biggest interim so far was in “Poseidon” opposite Emmy Rossum. There is an inherent energy flowing between them that jumps out at you even from the pilot. What gives it its balance is the fact of Jeremy Northam as the elder but extremely daft lead doctor who just has a sense of brevity to him but not enough to place your finger on its origin. The essence of his pep thoughts on the roof simply almost do not fit yet they do.

The high production impact of the first minutes of the pilot are meant to draw you in but unlike “Trauma” on NBC which was just going for the big thought, the characters from what can be perceived here are much more rich. This is inherently apparent from the get go. The location of Miami which is the gateway to South America also give the series a rich perception and difference of culture. However other series have had this element and have not worked. Despite this, “Miami Medical” shows its possibility from the inset. While Bruckheimer’s other freshman show “the forgotten” seems not as grounded, “Miami Medical” is a shot to the heart because it is pure and effective in what it is. Out of 5, I give it a 3.