Earth – Blu Ray Review

earth-br-b“Earth” on Blu Ray takes the greatest essences of “Planet Earth” and spins them with the aspects of a narrative. Now while James Earl Jones’ voice now soars in reflection of Sigourney Weaver, the impact is the same in the plethora of images. Now while this can be considered a “Greatest Hits” compilation of the series in certain respects, the music accompaniment by George Fenton does add much to the cinematic superlative. The story of the polar bears in dichotomy with the humpback whales making their trek across the globe speaks to a consistent aspect in the animal kingdom of family which is what this film celebrates. While perhaps not as in depth as the aforementioned series, its throughline which is also enhanced by a tale of a small elephant and his mother makes it very relatable to a younger audience, The HD brilliance of the images is obviously made for this format and goes over very well. A specific slow motion scene of a cheetah chasing down an antelope is ultra vivid as you see the prey screaming silently. The paradox to this is that the scene from the series in Africa with a giant crocodile almost eating a wildebeast would be too much within the context of this film despite the fact that this one of the most intense images of the series.

This packaging brings to mind the educational pieces that Disney used to do when Walt was alive and gives a good tip of the hat to those thoughts. The filmmaker annotations within the movie mirror the “Earth Diaries” short documentary with the latter being the more intrinsic. You see the cameramen waiting in the cold to shoot the polar bears who come around to their hut when they smell food. The jumping of the great white shark is so quick that only the camera could see it. When there is another great jump, the irony is that the camera is still downloading the 1000 frame per second shot still into the computer on the boat so one of the opportunities is actually missed. It shows the nature of how a film like this is made. There is a brief sense of how much man power went into making this film. It is a lot of work. At times it can be quite hard to fathom what it took but a lot of time and money were keyed in. At the end game, it does create a unbelievable vision. Disneynature’s “Earth” on Blu Ray is bare bones but the images speak for themselves. Out of 5, I give it a 3 1/2.